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Q: How does We Live Easy work?

A: Working with We Live Easy is.... Easy!

 Takes 10 seconds! All you have to do is fill out some basic information on the  submission form to the right of this page. -->

The information will be sent to us and one of our Team Experts can review the submission and give you a call on the number you provided.

After your Consultation, we will be able to create a solution and the options available to you. We will sit down and explain what your best exit strategies are and especially if you qualify for our Cash Purchasing Program.

Q: Will you pay a "fair" price for my  property?

A: Just as every homeowner's situation is unique, so is the process in which we determine what an appropriate offer for your house might be.

We take into consideration the condition of the home, cost of repairs that need to be made, the current local real estate market conditions, as well as the urgency of the situation.  Our seasoned experience gives us the ability to quickly make you an offer that you must benefit from.

Q: Does We Live Easy & Co. charge any fees for their services?

A: There is no fee to the home seller for our services.

Q: Will it matter if my house is listed with a real estate agent?

A: For a variety of reasons, we highly suggest that you do reach out to us about your options before you list it with a real estate agent. You want to go into that contract with as much knowledge about your home as possible. However, We Live Easy tries to work with everyone, and if it is already listed, we will certainly need to talk with your agent, or you may have to cancel your listing agreement before We Live Easy & Co. can make you an all cash offer.

Q: Does We Live Easy only buy houses or will they buy condos, manufactured homes, etc?

A: Listen. We LOVE Real Estate. We are inspired to buy all real estate, even raw land.  So please, we ask that you don't hesitate to submit your multi-family, single family, condo, or town home for us to take a look. Regardless of whether you decide to work with us or not, the least we can do is provide you with the wisdom and knowledge to help get you closer to your Financial goals.

Q: What if I have my property rented?

A: If your home currently rents...don't worry. We Live Easy can buy your house and assume your position in the rental agreement.

Q: Do I have to make repairs on my property?

A: No, don't even worry about the repairs. We will purchase the home in its "as-is" condition. You will not need to make any repairs to the property before selling to We Live Easy.

Q: How do I get started?

A: Simply fill out the form to the right hand side of this page. -->